Friday, December 28, 2012

We had a fun soccer season this year. We tried a new club and really enjoyed it.  Madison grew and flourished on her team.  Her coaches were really good and taught tons of new skills.  They told us that we need to have Madison try out of the next step up next year.  This year was recreational soccer.  Anybody can play and we don't keep score.  Most clubs have a Competitive level that is very expensive and they travel quite a bit. The club has a step between Recreational and Competitive called Select.  We will have to try out in August and if she is at a high enough level, they will place her on a team that she will play with for fall and soccer.  Madison loves to play.

 I ended up being Emily's coach and our goal for our team of 4 girls was to just have fun and teach some basic skills.  She has a natural ability and is very coordinated.  She is also pretty competitive.
 Right after she scored a goal:

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