Friday, June 17, 2011

Rachel's Wedding Cake

 I just got pictures from the wedding cake that I did last month.  I love the satin fabric and daisies around the cake.  It really added a lot to the presentation.

Rachel had an outdoor reception and it was fairly nice all day long, but about 5 o'clock the sky started getting really dark.  It sprinkled for a few minutes before her reception but stopped.  But, a little over half way through it started raining again and a friend had the presence of mind to cover the cake.  So, he stood there with an umbrella for a few minutes.  Thankfully, it didn't rain as hard here as where we were, because it poured.  I love this picture.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

School's Out

This was the last week of school for the girls.  Emily's last day was Monday but had her party last Thursday and Madison and Ally's last day was Wednesday.  On Wednesday Madison's class did a reader's theater where groups read plays and then we had cake and punch.  Emily had a big glass of red juice and I said something to her about it.  She looked at me and said, "It's punch, Mom, not juice."  Little smarty pants.

Emily with her friend Kennedy.  Kennedy has a brother in Madison's class.  Emily kept trying to say "broccoli."

Madison's reader's theater group.

For lunch the school hosted a family picnic where we could eat with the kids.  Charlie was actually off and was able to eat with us.  The girls came home with their report cards and had high marks (lots of "E's").