Wednesday, September 18, 2013

September update

It has been a while so it is time for an update.

Ally made the Idaho History team today!!  She wanted on the team so badly and had to take a test to qualify.  I was really nervous for her because her expectations were so high and if she didn't make it I knew she would have been devastated. She puts so much pressure on herself and it's hard to live up to it sometimes.  Madison loved doing it last year and I'm excited that Ally can have the same opportunity this year.

I watched a friend's kids this afternoon while she went to a doctor's visit.  They are cute kids and play with Matthew well.  The oldest, Hannah, is 6 weeks younger than Matthew.  Tonight I was putting Matthew's pajamas on him and he was talking up a storm like he likes to do.  Our conversation:

Matthew:  I want to go to a Batman maze after I go to Hannah's house.
Me:  You do, huh.
Matthew:  Yeah, Hannah's cute.  She has short hair.
Me: No, she has long hair.
Matthew:  Yeah, she likes to play.

I love that kid.  Hannah is adorable and sweet as any little girl can be.  We'll see how he feels in 13 years.