Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas

The kids all wanted their own pictures taken this year:

This is how we read the Christmas story this year.  I'm sure we all got a lot of of it.

 We tried really hard to get a picture all together.

Mostly Matthew wanted it to go like this:

Pajamas.  Madison really wanted footed pjs this year:

Cutie pie:

 Lots of random pictures.  Santa brought books this year:

Some friends in our ward gave Matthew a Jimmy Johnson race car this year.  It was a bit of a joke since I don't like Jimmy Johnson and he does, but Matthew loves that little car.

Ally's Dance Recital

Ally took a semester of dance this year and did a short but sweet recital.  She loved it, but starting in January she is going to start taking real piano lessons instead.
This year the Christmas program was a play and the 3-5 graders all sang while one 5th grade class performed.  It was a fun change, but I missed seeing the younger grades perform, too.

Madison and Ally waiting to get started:

Ally next to her friend Alexis:

On 1 songthe kids were allowed to wear sunglasses and they rocked out:

Miss Ally:

Matthew just endures:

Madison still rocking out:


This year I put up the tree with the kids while Charlie was at work.  They always have a good time doing it.

Happy Birthday, Madison

Matthew loves his sister:

 Madison was so excited to get her Scotty McCreery cd.  I think it is the beginning of growing out of being a little girl and into a young woman.

Emily's Birthday

Emily before school:

After school and patiently waiting to open presents:

Emily asked for cupcakes this year and I'm not about to turn down such a good request: