Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day

The girls came home from school on Friday and insisted that I open their Mother's Day presents.  Ally's had a paper that she filled out about me.  Here is what it said.

Q. What is your Mother's full name?
A. Sarah Marie Grunig

Q. She is the mother of?
A. 4 kids.

Q. How old is she?
A. 31.

Q. How tall is she?
A. 5 feet.

Q. How much does she weigh?
A. 100.2

Q. What color is her hair?
A. Brown.

Q. My mother says of me?
A. I'm funny.

Q. What does she do around the house?
A. Clean.

Q. What is her favorite thing to eat?
A. Pizza.

Q. What is her favorite tv show?
A. Dancing with the Stars.

Q. Where does she like to go?
A. Stores.

Q. What is her favorite hobby?
A. Cook.

Q. My mother is a lover of?
A. My Dad.

Q. My mother is special to me and I lvoe her so much because?
A. She is very fun.

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  1. I like it. Who knew you were five feet tall!