Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sometimes you know you are doing okay

Matthew has had a fever the past few days but he was doing really well last night so I was planning on going to church this morning. I got up, showered and put a dress on before Matthew had woken up.  I went in to check on him and I could tell that he wasn't feeling well.  He was hot so I gave him a cool bath, then took his temperature and it was over 104.  I asked Madison if she wanted me to take her and her sisters to just Primary today since it's a bit of a problem when I have to stay home and Charlie is on the stand.  She insisted that she really wanted to go to Sacrament Meeting, too.  What a good girl that she is!  Sometimes I wonder if I'm teaching them everything that I need to or if they are getting it and some days, you know that you are doing okay.

Sarah Egbert took them to church for me and hopefully they did okay.  I made Emily a new quiet book this week and she has been excited for it.  This is the picture from a blog that I got the idea from. I don't know why I didn't think if this sooner! I printed off activity pages from and then some alphabet preschool pages from online.  There is almost 100 pages (50 sheet protectors) to keep her entertained.  We are also trying some dry erase crayons today and I'm interested to see how they work compared to the dry erase markers.  Emily gets frustrated with the dry erase markers because the color comes off if you keep coloring in the same place.  

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