Saturday, July 23, 2011

Super Saturday

1.  Replace bow with vinyl.
9.  Family name on tiles
10.  Vinyl boards:  Variety of sayings.
11.  Variety of seasons and sayings

16.  Glass Blocks:  Lots of options of vinyl (3 wise-men, sayings)

23. Exploding box:  When you take the lid off the box, it unfolds to a mini-scrapbook album.
26.  Instead of tiles, would be done in blocks that could be turned for each season. Either done in stamps or vinyl.

30.  Options of sayings in vinyl (not finyl) :).
31.  Either Spring/Summer or Autumn/Winter--done on each side of the block (turn around)

37.  Set of envelopes for each month to hold cards for the birthdays each month.
44. Dry Erase Quiet Books

45. Menu Board


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