Monday, May 20, 2013

Time ...

I haven't posted since January 8th?  Time has gotten away from me again.  We have been so busy that I forget to stop and breathe.  Last Sunday I forgot Madison was giving a talk 3rd hour.  She was prepared for it, but Charlie was in a meeting and I was so focused on having to teach that I forgot to go and listen to her.  I apologized when we got home and I told her that I felt like I failed as a mother.  Madison or Ally piped up and said, "It's okay, you've failed a lot lately." :/ There is nothing like your kids for keeping you humble.  I did forget to tell them that their Primary teacher wanted them to tell a story in class the week before.  It's so hard to keep up with the little things sometimes.


  1. Ohhh.... You aren't a failure. It is so hard to balance everything. I keep on telling myself that maybe tomorrow I'll feel completely put together. It hasn't happened yet, but someday.

  2. You definitely haven't failed. I hear about all the things you do and I marvel. How I wish I had been as good a mother as you are.