Wednesday, September 26, 2012

General Conference Notebooks - Mutual

For the next 7 weeks, the youth from 14-18 years old will be practicing for the Cultural Youth Celebration for the dedication of the temple. That also means for the next month that my lone Beehive and I are on our own. She'll be able to participate on the day of the celebration, but there isn't anything until then.  There are some fun things that we have planned for the next couple months and Ally and Madison are going to go with me so she isn't by herself. I think she was a bit releaved, too. Here are pictures from tonight of my girls.


  1. The notebooks are cute. So is your beehive just supposed to show up the day of the performance and know what to do? Weird.

  2. The 12-13 year old will have a practice the morning of the celebration that is non-dancing/marching. Our section is just marching, or so I've been told. They really stick to the no-dancing-before-14 rule.

  3. I love the conference books. I wish I had a mother they did fun things like that with me. It must be hard being the only one in a class.