Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sister Beck

Last night I was able to hear Sister Beck speak.  She was in another building and it was broadcast to all the stake centers in the valley.  It was so, so good and I left feeling full and renewed.

Here are some highlights from what Sister Beck talked about.  

Sister Beck talked a lot about the new book "Daughters in My Kingdom" and that it is a recipe book to live our lives and we are to read it and reread it.  

The war chapters and Moroni teaches us 3 things and what it means to us: 1) Prepare the minds of the people to be faithful--prepare ourselves and our families.  2)The needed to build small forts--We need to prepare our homes and not let the enemy in. 3)Build resorts--Go to church and get strength from other people.  Also, go to who needs the most help.

Things to do first thing every day, as soon as you wake up and as fast as you can.
1) Get on knees and pray.
2) Read scriptures, even if it is just one.
3) Make your bed as a signal that you aren't getting back in.
4) Get dressed.

We also need to have a meeting between ourselves and the Lord and take the things that you are worried about to him.  We need to categorize our priorities to 3 columns.
1) The essentials--What are the things I need to do every day that I have to do to return to Heavenly Father.  This includes 1,2,3,4.
2) The necessary--What are the things that if I don't do, things start to fall apart a bit.  This includes taking care of the house and family ...
3) The nice--These are the hobbies.
We need to do them in this order and then when we get to the nice, we will appreciate it more and our lives will be better.  We also need to manage our time, health, and body.  We can't help others if we are exhausted and sick.

Scripture knowledge is cumulative and we need to spend time every day in the scriptures.  Keep scriptures everywhere in your home so that you can pick them up at any time.  Seek to feel the spirit.  Put a T by each verse that has something to do with the temple and you will be surprised at how many there are and how important they are.

She also spoke for a great deal about visiting teaching and knowing the spiritual and temporal well-being of your sisters.  Count the ministry and not the lesson.

On page 151 of Daughters in my Kingdom," it tells the story of Hyrum's family coming west and being faithful.  We need to be this kind of faithful.

She also talked in depth about the purpose of Relief Society and Relief Society Meetings.  Sometimes I feel like if I don't get a ton of sisters to a weekday meeting then I am not doing my calling well, but Sister Beck made it very clear that is not true.  She said (again) that we are not in the entertainment business but in the business of salvation.  The meetings are to strengthen the sisters in their faith, their families, and provide relief.  If there are 5-10 sisters less who come to a meeting because it isn't full of fluff, that is okay.